Webb Orthodontics – 7 Chairs

Sports can be fun for everyone – and orthodontics, too!

This Cheyenne orthodontics practice declares their passion for “involvement by all” and invites all patients to share with them in their lifelong enthusiasm for sports. Wall murals of super graphics boast brilliantly colorful depictions of every kind of sports players in the local west, encouraging each patient to identify with their sports and those of other patients.

Anonymous competitors with a diamond-like texture bombard the walls, representing popular sports, while a translucent photo mural on glass showcases a local basketball hero. A compelling oversize image, this mural enlivens the Waiting area while providing a translucent privacy screen for the Ortho Clinic.

Through the use of super graphics, finishes, signage, and furnishings in bright colors, the universal message of athletics informs the concept for the space – inclusiveness for all.