Three Aspens

Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Melanie Baughn

As with real aspen trees that generate in clusters, Three Aspens Regenerative Medecine aspires to spread hope from one patients to another through stem cell regeneration therapy. Reinforcing this theme, an LED panel of a forest of green aspen trees provides the focal point of the entry sequence. A glass divider feature, screened with a white image of the trees, includes (3) aspen trunks - a tactile experience of natural textures. An exam room with friendly aspen yellow colors helps to add to the patient’s positive experience for the beginning of the healing process, and optimism for the treatment outcome.

"We wanted a positive environment with colors and textures that reflect discovery, hope and relaxation. We knew from review of Lynne Thom's work that we would be able to obtain those goals and more. If you want an architect that exemplifies excellence - Lynne Thom Architects is the one.”
Dr. Melanie Baughn, Three Aspens Regenerative Medecine