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Our firm is dedicated to the exploration of how we experience the world through architecture - its form, interactions with light, color, energy, and implied social meaning. In this context the architecture itself emerges as a new composite of distinct dimensions, the focus of which is the architecture as experienced.

The process of experiencing the new built environment provides us the fresh opportunity for growth of thought regarding the design. It contributes to change and the advance of common and familiar typologies and fuels the furthering of evidence based design as a dialogue between expectations and reality.

In the design continuum, the participant is the most important informant and directs the continual reevaluation of the success of the built environment.

New and fresh perceptions of primary assumptions spur re-evaluation and ever better approaches to subsequent designs.

This investigative philosophy is the foundation of every design investigation, engaging and including each design participant in the advancement of the continual experience.

Each investigation begins with extensive research. The compilation of assumed and new user information is the driver of the design analysis, which provides the springing board for innovation. As an ever changing response, it inspires the development of new technologies, material applications, and fabrication methods. These underpin and support every project design effort.

The investment of time for investigation is a minimum requisite for the individuating of each solution and the responsibility to each client and their uniqueness. For this reason there are no standard solutions and no leveling of ideas. Every solution is unique and is a reflection of the prevailing conditions of each personality, profile and parameter of each project.

This self defined laboratory for thought permits the questioning of every assumption and the re-evaluation for each new situation. No past solution is assumed to be correct and appropriate for the new solution.

It is only within this context that the best solution emerges to answer the ever current questions for the user around the program, site conditions, and financial constraints. The result is then truly specific and can be associated with the totality of its complete project profile. If architecture is only truly a reflection of a series of moments in construction at that point in time, then the application begins a re-morph towards the next iteration of thought.

As the world around us changes, we are at the center of re-forming the future experience for each client. This process of growth is an essential requisite to our practice. The continuation of this dialogue with material, energy and form is at the center of our inspiration. Without this, the innovation and progress of the improved user experience is in jeopardy and cannot be free to ask and answer in complete honesty and with honor to the opportunity. It is a never ending dialogue that we engage in with every problem that we are presented with. Continued growth is the only satisfactory venue and continues to spur us curiously forward to the next informed solution.

The firm is committed to creating an authentic architectural response informed by technology, sustainability, and innovation. Since its inception in 1996, a diverse body of work has resulted that includes commercial, industrial, retail, medical and dental projects.

Endemic to every project is an unsolicited mandate for synergy of color and material selection in hue, texture, pattern, and their interaction with light, sound and the user dynamic. Cohesiveness and dissonance occur in amounts specific to the framework of each project, creating a unique prescription for the desired effect. It is a direct result of the dynamic journey with the center players and parameters of each challenge.

Despite repeated or new typologies, the means of exploration remain consistent. Each project exhibits a discipline of adherence to the investigative process. There is a search for the deeper meaning of the experience, the flagship of the specific brand of that commercial endeavor. Each repeat client, no matter the iteration, experiences newly informed responses to the present and relevant state of its needs.

Design of all scales hence occurs with no distinction between architecture and interiors - simply a pervasive exploration of design at all levels, including site, exterior, interior, furnishings, art, and signage. All of these contribute to a cohesive and seamless whole with clarity of statement.

Each project revolves around a concept endemic and organic to the nature of the cause that elicits a response in the built environment. It thereby results in a change and effect of life and functioning of the whole architectural entity. This may constitute change at a micro level, but inadvertently participates in the quantum effect of the whole via a true and unencumbered response to the social reality and goals of the client.

LTA celebrates the opportunity to investigate each client’s needs as the design exercise, to discover the unique life force of each design, to reflect the finger print of the individual initiator, and to invite them into the experience and participation in the design continuum.

About Lynne Thom

Lynne Thom AIA LEED AP NCARB received a Masters of Architecture First Professional 3 1/2 year Degree from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University following an undergraduate degree of Liberal Arts from Pomona College in Claremont, California. She worked for nine years at design oriented architectural firms in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts and then relocated to Denver, Colorado. After 3 years at Semple Brown Design, she formed LCT Associates, Inc. in 1996. This soon became Lynne Thom Architects. Focusing on commercial design, LTA’s work has spanned the specific areas of office, industrial, retail, restaurant and medical design.

LTA has won numerous design awards for projects in the field of healthcare, specifically for innovation in dental office designs.

Lynne Thom is a past chair of the Denver Women in Design AIA committee and continues professional association and participation in the American Institute of Architects, the National Council of Architectural Registration Board, United States Green Building Council, and the Rocky Mountain Harvard University Club.

She is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional for the LEED certification of buildings, and is registered to practice in numerous states.


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