Kevin McAuliffe, DDS
General Dentistry, 3 Chairs, 1061 SF

A spacious, elegant, yet warm and welcoming interior environment is created for this dental office with a small footprint and low ceiling heights. The space is opened up using light colors, airy and delicate Knoll cherry wood chairs, and raising a portion of the ceiling.

An assembly of light pendants are suspended at different heights from a recessed oval above, and this shape is answered with a carpet inset in the stone floor and a custom oval table in the center.

The cream stone floor is punctuated with an aubergine carpet inset to echo the oval recess in the ceiling revealing an assemblage of decorative light pendants.

By carefully balancing the sizes of the rooms, this spacious and easily navigated layout was achieved.

Custom art work commissioned for the space featured rich canvas surfaces of painted textures in soft neutral colors, again to expand the sense of space.