Michael Golinvaux DDS, Steve Law DDS
General Dentistry, 10 Chairs, 4500 SF

The design challenge was to create good patient flow for a large dental office with 10 operatories, using clean lines and a "Colorado Contemporary" aesthetic.

The resulting design uses a wide, curving path through the office to connect the patient areas of reception and treatment with a sense of flow and movement. The interiors are contemporary, yet warm and comfortable, using light stone, earthy colors and amber lighting.

In the reception area, a curving soffit floats around vertical slabs of green stained poplar plank paneling. In the waiting area, the curves are repeated in elevation with cherry wood framed windows, and in the ceiling with a curved soffit. Small windows with gingko resin panels recall Aspen leaves and allow light into the consult rooms beyond, but protect privacy and provide a sense of scale in the 10’ high spaces.

At the end of the waiting area, an entertainment center doubles as a children’s game area using an ample curved bench with thick custom cushions upholstered in ultra leather. On the other side of the bench, magazines can be stored and displayed neatly along its backside in built-in pockets.

In the dental treatment area, the operatories fan out in a radial fashion along the curved spine. Ceiling soffits reinforce the radial geometry, punctuating the hallway at each operatory.

In the dental hallway, only 3 dental sinks are needed, shared between the “ops”. The vessel sinks are mounted on quartz countertops and a cherry wood cabinet bases, providing focal points for the dental treatment area. Bright down-lights focus on the white glazed sinks and chrome faucets. The recessed towel holders are faced with Gingko panels, repeating the glazing material used in the reception area.

For its soothing effect, indirect light is used throughout. The circular path in the dental area is lit by a ceiling light cove. The operatory ceilings are up lit with linear fluorescent pendants to spread light evenly on the ceiling.

Throughout the space, natural colors are used for a sense of warmth and calmness. Light cream and gold hues provide continuity through the space, contrasted with cherry and mahogany stained cherry wood. Crème quartz countertops and custom green stained wood paneling add to the subtle color palette of the materials.

The result is a professional yet relaxed treatment experience, made cohesive with a sense of Colorado materials and their integrated use.