Boulder Orthodontics

Brent Lang DDS
Boulder, CO

Located in a retail space with floor to ceiling glass, this modern orthodontic office has full exposure on the north and south sides to the bustling Boulder milieu.

A pristine color palette of pure white and deep brown provides a neutral backdrop for an electric accent color of a signature orthodontic product - “Invisalign” blue. This color inspires the 3-Form resin “Ridge” patterned panel, which is backlit by an LED light panel to provide the main feature of the entry space.

This clean-line architectural plan fits (5) ortho chairs in 1,863 NSF and combines comfort, style, and efficiency for an orthodontic practice in a busy urban setting.

“Hire Lynne Thom Architects only if you want someone who absolutely treats your job as if it were her own, and is truly excited about what she does.

Lynne was an absolute delight to work with from the first time we met to the last. First of all, Lynne was always available, which is extremely important in completing the building process. She was never too busy to listen to what I had to say- absorbing my ideas and integrating them into her own vision.

My space was challenging, but Lynne managed to come up with a design which is functional and at the same time extremely unique - which is what I was after, and why I sought Lynne Thom Architects services initially.

I regularly get compliments on the "beautiful space". I would not hesitate to hire Lynne for another project and give her my highest recommendation.”
-Brent R Lang, D.D.S., P.C.