Chris Higuchi DDS and Brian Williams DDS
General Dentistry and Orthodontics, 7 Chairs

Integrated Practices, Integrated Architectural Elements

Just as the practices of general dentistry and orthodontics are gracefully integrated together into these spacious dental operatories, so the external arched elements are woven into the interior of this traditional/modern mountain building remodel. Transparency is created in the plan by locating the dental operatories on the large arched exterior windows and allowing light to filter through series of identically shaped borrowed lites to the interior in both plan and section.

Arches are nested within arches, creating a depth of space and play of light, echoing the exterior presence of the mountains into the interior areas of the building. The intersection of these interior arch sequences creates a cruciform in plan. The Center Hall is celebrated with an elegant large square light pendant with uplit ceiling recess. This arch shaped hall marks the social center of the practices, encouraging interaction of doctor, patient, staff and visitor, and orienting the occupant with views of the mountains through the structure. Adhering to a strict budget, small areas of higher priced carpets provide arched pattern accents to the most important central and reception spaces.

A decorative wood grille with ginko resin acoustically and visually separates the Waiting Area from the Check-Out area.

Cues for the hues of the space are taken from the beautiful mountain setting. Golden aspen leaves, orangey wood hues, and moss green are referenced throughout, further integrating the interior with the outdoor mountain ambiance.