Kevin Patterson, DDS MD
Oral Surgery, 5 Chairs

This contemporary dental office remodel is affordable and sustainable. An accent carpet of gold, gray and brown blends the existing oak and gray finishes with the new dark walnut paneling and crème “stone” internally lit front desk.

Natural light is introduced into a new seating area centered on a no-burn dark walnut “fireplace” and hearth.

Denver Metro Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (DMOMS) desired a sleek, contemporary remodel that would be sustainable, affordable, and allow the existing oak wood to fit in well.

Sustainable strategies:
Lighting: Replaced the recessed cans with LED’s, and the 2x2’s with highly efficient fluorescents
Daylight: Introduced natural light into the interior reception area through clerestory windows above the “fireplace” wall and translucent birch resin doors in the two surrounding offices.
“Fireplace”: Saving the fuel of a real gas fireplace, a recessed alcove of dark walnut recalls a fireplace, and is anchored by a low walnut ledge, or “hearth”.
Recyclable and biodegradable resin panels: “Stone” Trace Dune in desk, and Birch in doors
Carpet: Recyclable content
HVAC system: Retained and improved

A bold accent carpet with gold, gray and brown integrates the new scheme of modern clean lines in dark walnut and crème “stone” with the existing oak doors and gray finishes.