Martin Gregg, President

Colorado’s premier graphic design studio gets a new home in this low tech Stapleton loft.
The white and gray pristine interior boasts the intrusion of a red kiosk, concealing the sleek modern gray kitchen and support areas. The glass trapezoid conference room is shaped by axes of the existing angled entry and vistas to the views of the Denver skyline. Huge drum lights in natural fabric reinforce these axes and light the central common work space, energizing collaboration for cutting edge creativity.

"I have worked with Lynne for over 20 years and have always enjoyed our collaboration. When it came time to have my new office designed and built I knew she would find the right solution for my small budget, tight deadline and owner’s need to be involved in all design decisions.

The firm now has a space I have always dreamed of working in. Her focus on what would work best for us and her amazing connections in the building industry created a project that is greater than the sum of its parts."
Marty Gregg