DMOMS – Cherry Creek

Kevin Patterson DDS MD and Juliana DiPasquale DMD
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, 5 Procedure Rooms

This modern, clean line design originates from the concept of three columns, or “pillars”.

Vertical wood slats of dark stained oak in groups of three “pillars” metaphorically “hold up” the ceiling above them in several areas – at the front desk, in the sofa area, and at the seating alcove.

To balance these vertical elements, the front desk has three horizontal tiers of dark textured wood paneling.

On the entry sign, three vertical “pillars” in the round logo mark are represented by the three vertical lines in a dark background color. These three dark lines become translucent in the large round logos on the glass. The curvy pastel super graphics bring relief and levity to the strict linear geometries of contrasting dark and light elements.

The result is an upbeat, light filled space with continuity of color and form throughout.

Photos: Jess Blackwell Photography